App for multi-area model simulation
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MultiAreaApp is a GUI interface for easily simulating a multi-scale layer-resolved spiking network
model using GPU(for the full simulation, at least 12 GB of memory depending on the device and operating system).
Project is mainly based on GeNN and multi-area-model.



  • Language: Python
  • OS: Linux

Get Started

  • Firstly, make sure you’ve got CUDA and cudnn, then type git clone to clone the repository to the local. Note that you’ll need Git-LFS to correctly download the big files contained.

  • Secondly, use Anaconda or Python to create an environment

    If you use Anaconda, just type

    conda create -n [enve name] python=3.7

    or you use Python itself, then you could type

    python3 -m venv [enve name]

  • Thirdly, install the GeNN package

    To install the most important package GeNN, you need to go to this repo and follow the Installation guidance of it.

  • Lastly, type pip install -r requirements.txt in command.