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Apulis AI Platform is designed to provide an end-to-end AI solution to users from different industries and enable them to start the high-performance AI development work with significantly reduced ramp up time, thereby saving costs and improving efficiency. It will also provide a highly efficient, low cost private cloud AI solution for small and medium size company.

The platform incorporates TensorFlow, PyTorch, MindSpore and other open source AI frameworks, thereby provides user friendly development environment for AI model training, auto ML, hardware status monitoring etc., making it very easy for AI developers to quickly develop AI application. It also has built-in comprehensive early warning system which can automatically alert the system administrator on any anomaly, thereby improve the platform efficiency and security.

The platform adopts the lightweight virtualization technologies, such as Docker containers that containerizes one or more programs, and provide a standard management interface. Each container is separated from each other. Kubernetes clustering technology is used to orchestrate the containerized applications for planning, automated deployment, updates, and maintenance..

Directory Structure

|-- devenv                          Dockerfile for creating dev environment on amd64 arch
|-- devenv.arm64                    Dockerfile for creating dev environment on arm64 arch
|-- docs
|   |-- deployment
|   `-- tutorial
|-- example
|   `-- resnet50_cifar10
|-- License
`-- src
    |-- ARM
    |-- ClusterBootstrap            deployment module
    |-- ClusterManager              main backend module
    |-- ClusterPortal
    |-- Jobs_Templete               AI Job template
    |-- RepairManager               Alert module
    |-- RestAPI                     API module
    |-- StorageManager
    |-- WebUI                       Frontend module
    |-- WebUI2
    |-- dashboard
    |-- dev-utils		    
    |-- docker-images               Miscellaneus components          
    |-- init-scripts                Initialization scripts for AI jobs
    |-- user-dashboard
    |-- user-synchronizer
    `-- utils                       utility module


The entire codebase is under MIT license


依瞳人工智能平台旨在为不同行业的用户提供基于深度学习的端到端解决方案,使用户可以用最快的速度、最少的时间开始高性能的深度学习工作,从而大幅节省研究成本、提高研发效率,同时可为中小企业解决私有云难建成、成本高等问题。 平台融合了Tensorflow、PyTorch、MindSpore等开源深度学习框架,提供了模型训练、超参调优、集群状态监控等开发环境,方便AI开发者快速搭建人工智能开发环境,开展AI开发应用。在监控模块基础上搭建预警模块,自动将平台异常通知管理员,提升平台的预警效率及安全性能。

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