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Header image of BrainPy - brain dynamics programming in Python.

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BrainPy is a flexible, efficient, and extensible framework for computational neuroscience and brain-inspired computation based on the Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation (built on top of JAX). It provides an integrative ecosystem for brain dynamics programming, including brain dynamics simulation, training, analysis, etc.


BrainPy is based on Python (>=3.7) and can be installed on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 or later), macOS (10.12 or later), and Windows platforms. Install the latest version of BrainPy:

$ pip install brainpy -U

The following packages are required for BrainPy:

numpy >= 1.15 and jax >= 0.3.0 (how to install jax?)

For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the documentation: Quickstart/Installation


GNU General Public License v3.0