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Research and Development

Hi there, our project is now on the process of internal development. During our exploring process, we plan to reward the developers who are making great contributions in OSS ecosystems. We are so sorry that our old repository has been flagged by GitHub because of advertising our rewarding plans imprudently. Now we have to create a new repository and publish our project step by step.

What is HitChain

HitChain is a blockchain and IPFS technologies based ‘self-governed’ community of global developers, which is ‘By developers, Of developers, For developers’. HitChain strives to build a decentralized and collaborative community to trade developers’ works valued by a transparent credit system. It will be the first real community by developers, of developers, for developers. The designated digital currency system encourages developer to automatically redeem the real value with innovation and creativity, including the monetary return (currency value) and privileges (currency right). The shared-governance system will guarantee that each community member has the responsibility and right to participate in every decision making in the community.

Hit Protocal Wrapper

This is a python tool for developers to deploy and use Hit.