Medical imaging processing tool: UltImageTK. Project leader: Dr. Zhicheng Li Dr. Ling Li
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Open Radiomics

Project leader: Dr. Zhicheng Li Dr. Ling Li

The detailed introduction could be found in open Radiomics Documentaion.

  • This is a brief introduction to our medical imaging processing tool: UltImageTK.

  • It is easy to read images via this software; besides, we also provide a large number of essential tools and some powerful radiomics modules. In this document, we’ll indicate each step in the process of radiomics.

  • Feel free to use this tool(Installer), and even better, our basic version is open source. This will boost the productivity of healthcare product developers like yours. Please pull the source code on UltimageTK.

  • This software is suitable for healthcare practitioners, educators, and researchers.